Quotes from Colleagues and Audiences

Pietro Deiro, Jr. (Lee), Composer, Accordionist, President of the former Pietro Deiro Music Headquarters in NYC, Board of Directors, American Accordionists' Association - July 30, 1998

  • "The capital K stands for the "knockout" accordion trio of all times! I want to extend my feelings to all of you for your creatively conceived, wonderful performances. I truly enjoy the interwound arrangements of the many accordion famous selections; chosen for each special occasion. I look forward to your appearances with a "What now?" attitude to be flawlessly presented. You deserve a mountain of applause."

Joan Cochran Sommers - Professor and Assistant Dean, UMKC Conservatory of Music, Kansas City, Missouri

  • "Do you know how good you have to be to make it look THAT easy????" (July, 1999)
  • "It has been my pleasure to hear a variety of chamber groups from all over the world for many years, and I am confident The "K" Trio ranks among the best. The three accordionists play with musicianship rarely displayed by musicians of any kind. They also convey a new image of their instrument to everyone fortunate enough to hear them. There are no stars in this group; each person is an artist performer with technique to spare. Their large concert repertoire is comprehensive and exciting. It will appeal to audiences of all kinds. The charm and ease with which they communicate enhance all of their performances. I hope many more people have the opportunity to enjoy their music making in the near future."

Tania Lukic-Marx, CD reviewer, Accordions Worldwide Website - January 28, 2000

  • "This trio comes as a real refreshment. Consisting of two accordions and a bass accordion, this ensemble performs light style music, light classical as well as popular style. Technically competent, tonally clear and crisp, their performance is spirited, emotional and involving. As an ensemble, they achieved great balance and togetherness which is a clear sign of high professional ability. Their repertoire is very various and entertaining. My favorite track would be "Casey Jones" where the train effect is absolutely superb, and I cannot fault it from beginning to end."

Jodi Levine, Recreation Director, Jewish Home for the Aged - January, 2000

  • "What a pleasure it was to have you and the Trio with us! The residents had a wonderful afternoon filled with such wonderful music! Hope you can join us again . . . thanks!"

Matt Christie, Composer, Pianist - Stamford, CT - January 30, 2000

  • "The 'K' Trio was the Creme de la Creme of today's concert!" "I am grateful to have made your acquaintance and to have heard your group at a live performance. I have a high regard for the musicianship your group displayed at the concert."

Anthony GallaRini, Composer, Concert Artist, Conductor -- San Marcos, CA - November 30, 1998

  • "The entire CD is impeccable! First of all, you have achieved great variety in the selections chosen. All of your interpretations are beyond reproach as well as having executed complete accuracy in all performances. Of course the 'Creme de la Creme' would be the DANSE MACABRE. . . The three of you are to be congratulated in producing a very fine CD."

Ward Davenny, Professor Emeritus, Yale University, New Haven, CT - October, 1999

  • "You're going to hear a familiar piece with new sounds. (Mozart's Piano Quartet K. 478) I'm sure if Mozart had heard these consummate musicians, he would have written music for them!"
    The "K" Trio
    Quotes from Colleagues and Audiences

Louis S. Iorio - Conductor of the Sano Symphony, Director of the Iorio School of Music, NJ, President of Sano Corporation of West Orange, NJ

  • The "K" Trio consistenly gives a delightful performance. Playing arrangements that vary from classical ensembles to broadway favorites, this accoridon trio is well-rehearsed and extremely well-balanced. As if the smooth harmonies and enchanting melodies weren't enough, the "K" Trio displays a fantastic stage presence. Great music, well-orchestrated performers and strong showmanship, the "K" Trio is simply entertaining!"

Jacob Neupauer - Professor of Music at Coombs College, Pennsylvania

  • "The "K" Trio . . . where technic, intelligence, emotion and talent form a perfect marriage of artistry! The choice of selections are always exciting and in good taste. The classics are well-respected in every detail . . . with authentic arrangements, and a new and delightful sound. When I first heard The "K" Trio, I wanted MORE!"

Marilyn A. Gerling, Coordinator/Supervisor, Mansfield Senior Center, October 28, 1999

  • "We know you could tell from the audience response how much they enjoyed yesterday's performance. You certainly helped make our first "Oktoberfest" an enjoyable, successful day."
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