The "K" Trio is proud to announce that we performed 35 concerts in 1999, and look forward to a GREAT year for 2000!

The year included several trips to the Stamford Town Mall, where our music was enthusiastically greeted as we performed on the Center Mall Stage area. The music sounded all through the mall, and shoppers watched from the auditorium-style seating, while others gazed from each level's balcon to see where the music was coming from! Selections including Danse Macabre, a "West Side Story" medley, Bumble Boogie, Carnival of Venice, Malaguena, and much, much more, were well-received by the surprised audiences!

Performing for the Green Acres Elementary School (pre-schoolers through 2nd grade) was great fun for us! (Mary teaches at the school, so many in the audience were her students, but as the 1st and 2nd grades found out we were coming, the audience grew, and grew to more than 7 classes of children.) They especially enjoyed the music of Eugene Ettore's Five O'Clock Rush, and the Casey Jones Fantasie, but sat in awe (and quietly, I might add) while we did Vivo by John Gart, and the Minute Waltz by Chopin . . . even Danse Macabre by Saint-Saens. The teachers were excited . . . this was the FIRSTprogram all year that several groups of the children actually sat and listened to!

The "K" Trio has long been a supporter of local fund-raising and charity events as well. This year, we did a benefit concert for M.A.D.D., performed for the Festival at St. Anthony's Church in New Haven, for Ronald McDonald House, and some local senior residences!

In July, "K" appeared at the A.A.A. salute to Frank Yankovic in Nashville, along with the Jeff Lisenby Trio, Tony Dannon, Lynn-Marie Rink, and The Don Lipovac orchestra! The event was exciting, and included a wide variety of music . . . a veritable "smorgasbord" for the audiences!

Also in July, we performed at the A.T.G. Festival in Branson, Missouri, where we had the opportunity to perform at the Lawrence Welk Theater - an awesome experience! The acoustics of the theater, combined with the colossal audience was an experience we'll long remember!

"How We Do It" was a workshop presentation giving some insight into how The "K" Trio plays "like one". Requested by the A.T.G. for the festival, Mary, Julie and Walter helped interested musicians understand the "mental" (and physical) tricks to working as a musical team!

1999 afforded us the opportunity to perform Mozart's Piano Quartet in G minor, K. 478 with pianist Ward Davenny. Dr. Davenny is a Professor Emeritus from Yale University, where he taught for many years . . . and where Mary first met him. The concert also included music by Dohnanyi, Schubert & Vivaldi, along with accordion classics like Jolly Caballero and Accordiana!

On October 10th at Central Connecticut State University, and on October 17th at the Westchester Community College, we had the opportunity to perform with Mario Tacca and Mary Mancini for Italian Heritage Month. Kevin Friedrich joined us in presenting a truly diverse program. Mario's virtuosity, coupled with Mary's spectacular voice, Kevin's exciting performance, and The "K" Trio's selections provided a concert experience enjoyed by all!

The programs also included a few numbers performed by The "K" Trio, with Mario and Kevin in ensemble! The Emperor Waltz by Strauss, and Bugler's Holiday by Anderson, were exciting to prepare . . .some Italian favorites, and a Patriotic Medley, with Mary's vocal skills completed the programs with everyone on their feet!

On November 21st, we performed for the "Westfield Works Wonders" charity for Connecticut schools; this year at the Connecticut Post Mall in Orange, CT. (They raised over $375,000!) Four hours of great fun, and wonderful public awareness of the beauty of the accordion! The Westfield Corporation relayed numerous accolades from the shoppers, and workers alike . . . that the music of The "K" Trio made the whole event, and they've invited us to come back soon!

The year 1999 provided us an unusual opportunity as an accordion group . . . to be recognized as a music "entity" in Connecticut.

We feel honored and privileged to be a part of two local TV programs that were recognized as "award-winning" by the public TV stations of Connecticut. Both the Joyce Suleski show and the "Images" by Joe Vegliante show that we taped were awarded 2nd and 1st places (respectively) at the public TV award ceremonies in 1999!

The shows were aired numerous times in 1999, and on all the local stations! The accordion has never before gotten the air time we've had in 1999, here in Connecticut!

Even better . . . the millennium in North Haven ended with a performance by The "K" Trio . . . our show was the last show aired in 1999, and the first show aired in the new millennium!

We're planning another CD release this year (hopefully in the spring).

The "K" Trio wishes all a great new year, and one that includes more great accordion music!

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